[Tinyos-help] high-voltage programming a mote - anyone here done this before?

Murray, Ben Ben.Murray at thalesgroup.com
Thu Feb 28 04:39:04 PST 2008


Has anyone here any experience with using "high-voltage programming" to
rescue a mote. Preferrably a mica/2/z mote?

I managed to set the fuses on a MICAz such that the mote is not responding
to either JTAG nor (u)ISP commands. I have contacted atmel who said that I
could recover the atmega128 chip through the use of "high-voltage
programming". I've scanned over the relevant atmel datasheets but am unsure
as to how the conections should be made between the programming device and
the mote/programmig board (for e.g. where/how do I access the "reset" pin on
the micaz through which this HV programming supposedly occurs? It all sounds
a little daunting - I have been told to call over the others in the office
so if it goes up in smoke there's an audience to enjoy it :)

I have available to me so far:
AVR ICE mkII jtag emulator pod
AVR stk500 development board

Many Thanks!

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