[Tinyos-help] AVR GCC compiler problems

Philip Levis pal at cs.stanford.edu
Wed Feb 27 13:36:48 PST 2008

On Feb 27, 2008, at 12:11 PM, José Moyano wrote:

> Yes, you are right. If so many people is using this compiler, must  
> be my error. I try hardcoding, and the error continues. Maybe an  
> optimization problem? I'm using -o0 (no optimization).

That would still be a compiler problem.

> One more thing: Does C support coercion? Theoretically, I don't  
> need casting for my example. Or, at least, the compiler must throw  
> a warning or something. Do you use casting for all your 32-bit  
> statements?

On microcontrollers, the int type is often 16 bits, not 32 bits. So  
you need coercion.

> I've used casting for the comparison (mask != CAN_DEFAULT_MASK) but  
> the error continues.
> Another clue: The error happens only when there are few sentences  
> betweens two (or more) calls to the routine. If I wait some time  
> for the second call, it works fine. However, as you can see in the  
> code, the routine doesn't need clock cycles to be called again.

Two steps:

1) Take a look at app.c
2) Take a look at the assembly

There have been compiler bugs in the past, but as far as I recall  
they've all been on msp430-gcc.


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