[Tinyos-help] Output Power levels CC2420

bender.13 at wright.edu bender.13 at wright.edu
Wed Feb 27 11:49:33 PST 2008

On 27 Feb, Rodolfo de Paz Alberola wrote:
> However using the cc2420 driver of tinyos-2.x I can set 32 different
> values, so I would like to know what happend if somebody set a for
> example PA_LEVEL = 21, which Pow(dBm) value should give the cc2420
> radiochip? anybody has the completely correspondence between levels and
> dBm? or even much better a equation to calculate them?

This would certainly be helpful for my current work as well.

Now, I have a related question, Does anyone know what the default power
level on the CC2420 is?

i.e. If I just turn on the mote and start sending data, what is the RF
power set to?

Paul Bender

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