[Tinyos-help] Over-the-Air-Programming

Asier Arruti asarruti at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 27 08:03:25 PST 2008


I am trying to programme the MicaZ motes over-the-air, because OEM Edition must be soldered to use it (and it is always difficult to get things working as desired the first time). I have followed all the steps that are explained in "MoteConfig User's Manual" document (http://www.xbow.com/support/support_pdf_files/moteconfig_users_manual.pdf), but my base station does not detect the turned-on motes (paragraph 5.2, page 16).
The message it shows is "There is no response from the base station. Please check your connections, verify that switch SW2 is set to the OFF position and click Search again". 
I have checked that switch, the COM ports (they seem to be working fine because I can programme the Motes normally) but I get the same message  over and over again. Possibly, I am doing something dumb, so could anybody help me solve this problem?

Thanks in advance,

Asier Arruti

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