[Tinyos-help] can you hard/factory reset MICAz fuses?

Murray, Ben Ben.Murray at thalesgroup.com
Wed Feb 27 08:01:48 PST 2008

is there a way to hard-reset the MICAz fuses? I have a mote that may have
been programmed with "bad" fuse settings, bricking it in the process. It
won't program or respond to uisp fuse/erase/etc commands.

I have tried using an AVRICEmkII and AVRstudio to reset them (don't think I
have a "squid cable" as called for in the last-ditch effort to prog. the
mote by AVRStudio if that's important or can even be used with micaz?) but I
fear that as the standard tos install setting disables jtag this is also not
possible. Not quite sure how to proceed ... any help would be appreciated!

There aren't like two pins to short to reset the lot manually are there?


Firmware Version: 2.1
An error has occurred during the AVR initialization.
 * Target status:
   Vendor Code = 0xff, Part Family = 0xff, Part Number = 0xff

Probably the wiring is incorrect or target might be `damaged'.

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