[Tinyos-help] Deluge T2 in TinyOS 2.0.2 release

Gaurav Chandwani gaurav.chandwani at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 03:02:13 PST 2008

Hi Guys,

We have to deploy a big number of motes with 2 images
1. modified-MutiHopOscilloscope application for Collection, Radio always ON
- Cluster Head (CH)
2. modified-RadioCountToLeds , with Radio ON for only transmitting
    a packet(few ms) and then OFF for say X Minutes - Cluster Node (CN)

Since the deployment could be big scale, so we obviously want to use Deluge
to do this. I had a few Questions regarding it:

1. Right now we are using TinyOS 2.0.2 stable release and have
not tried the CVS current repository. The example applications in
apps/tests/Deluge don't compile and if I follow the Latest DelugeT2 Manual,
first i installed Python2.4 and pySerial not present in release then the
first step
talks abt tos/lib/tosboot folder which aint there, while is present in CVS.
So, the only conclusion tht I can take is tht there is no way of using
Deluge in
any capacity without using CVS. Am I right ?

2.  For one of the application, Radio is OFF(Cluster Node's) for most of the
time. Has anyone tried some kind of syncronization between Cluster Heads and
Cluster Nodes in this situation to use Deluge. *Also, we want to use Deluge
to deliver 2 different images to 2 different classes of motes(CH and CN),
has anyone tried something like this or is tht possible ?*

3. For MultiHopOscilloscope, i was reading on this forum that Deluge aint
enough as the
object image become larger than supported size, are there plans of taking
care of this ?

4.  For over-the-air programming, are there other options in T2 ?
Dissemination in T2 I read is only for small data which doesnt apply to
program binaries. XNP on T2 ?

Any hints/suggestion/experiences are welcome. They would help me take the
direction without swimming around too much and save a lot of time :)

Best Regards,

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only
plan, but also believe.
      - Anatole France
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