[Tinyos-help] Can MIB600 use simultaneously two TCP connections?

mikcin at o2.pl mikcin at o2.pl
Sun Feb 24 09:48:17 PST 2008

I am using MIB600 and xlisten application (connected to 10002 MIB600 port). In this way I am getting data from motes.


I would like to use another application which will send data to motes (xlisten shouldn't be stopped).


I have tried to do this but I was able to send data only when xlisten session was closed (only one connection to port 10002). 


Is it possible to do this? Can MIB600 provide two TCP sessions on port 10002: one session from motes and one to motes?

Can I use channel 1 to send data to mote (I have read that this port is for programming motes only).

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