[Tinyos-help] Drop rate in TOSSIM

Tal Rusak tr76 at cornell.edu
Sun Feb 24 00:09:03 PST 2008

     Please see my comments below.

> I am creating a sensor network model based on the RadioCountToLed example
> provided in the apps folder. Basically, I want a sink to broadcast beacons
> to all other nodes while those nodes will send back data to the sink
> periodically. It is run under TOSSIM.

     Which version of TinyOS/TOSSIM are you using?

> 1. I am encountering a large packet loss right now, which is about 30%.
> Does anyone know if this is common or not?

     That may be reasonable under certain inputs to the most recent
version of TOSSIM. See the tutorial at

> 2. I found a file named BinaryInterferenceModelC.nc in the tossim lib
> directory. But it seems not to be used in my application. Does anyone know
> how TOSSIM control the packet drop and which source file is responsible to
> random dropping of packets?

     BinaryInterferenceModelC.nc was used in prior versions of TOSSIM, I
believe. Currently CpmModelC.nc is used.


> Many thanks!
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