[tinyos-help] tinyos 2.0.2 and intel-mote2

=?big5?Q?=AAL=B6h=A8=DA?= grail at fractal.ee.ntu.edu.tw
Wed Feb 20 10:07:20 PST 2008

Dear all,

I have some problems while installing TinyOS 2 on intelmote2.

I am new to intelmote2. I used to using telosb.
I've installed xscale-elf-gcc in my computer(OS: Xbuntos, latest version),
so that I can compile nesC into intelmote2 platform.
($ make intelmote2)

But I can't install those applications into my iMote2
($ make intelmote2 install)

This tutorial for TinyOS-2.x didn't mention intelMote2 part.
All I found is the instructions of TinyOS-1.x for iMote2(through internet).

Thank you,

Allen Lin

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