[Tinyos-help] trying to remove intermote interaction between the motes in Deluge

vbhatia at ksu.edu vbhatia at ksu.edu
Fri Feb 22 09:32:04 PST 2008

Hi all,

I am trying to modify deluge so that there is no inter mote interaction
for advertising messages. i.e when we inject a particular image into a
particular mote, it should remain there only and not propagate to other
motes through Advertising messages and sending requests. I just want to
use Deluge to inject an image in a mote according to mote id.

Can somebody guide me which specific files I should go through to
achieve this? I probably think files in tos/lib/Deluge are to be
changed, but they are so many that I can't get to the exact point where
I need to change the code so that there is no longer an interaction
medium between the motes.

Thanks in advance

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