[Tinyos-help] Tinyos-2.x Beginner Help!

Ari Chinna arichinna at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 00:42:26 PST 2008

Hi.. I am a very beginner to tinyos and Tossim... While installing i found
the following instructions

*TinyOS 2.x*  *Environment Variable* *Windows* *Linux* TOSROOT /opt/tinyos-
2.x same as in Cygwin  TOSDIR $TOSROOT/tos same as in Cygwin  CLASSPATH
$TOSROOT/support/sdk/java/tinyos.jar:.  MAKERULES
$TOSROOT/support/make/Makerules same as in Cygwin  PATH†
/opt/msp430/bin:$PATH same as in Cygwin *†Only necessary if you're using the
MSP430 platform/tools.*

Should i create environmental variables ( using right click option on 'my
computer' icon) in the names os TOSROOT, TOSDIR, CLASSPATH, MAKERULES and
PATH and add the values such  as  "/opt/tinyos-2.x" for TOSROOT ???
Kindly reply... Your response is appreciated which will help me in stepping
forward to learn tinyos. Thanks in advance.
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