[Tinyos-help] Regarding ADC

Coalton Bennett cb322 at cornell.edu
Thu Feb 21 11:49:57 PST 2008

I have been trying to get the ADC to work with the MDA300CA, and it  
seems as though something is being sampled, but the values that I am  
getting are wrong. We are sampling a 1.5V DC battery. We chose the  
1.5V DC battery to test our application with because it has a constant  
value, so in theory the values that are sampled should be constant as  
well. We attached two wire leads one lead to the positive and the  
other to the negative end of the battery. We fed the positive lead  
into the the A0 ADC pin/channel, and the negative to the GND(ground)  
pin. For some reason I am getting different values. As was mentioned  
earlier this should be a constant value because it is a constant DC  
source. Is there possibly something wrong with the setup? I don't  
think so. If you think that it might be the code, which I highly  
doubt, then I can provide that as well. Any help would be much  
appreciated. Thank you.

Coalton Bennett

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