[Tinyos-help] some questiones about Xserve

Yu Qun maggie.qun at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 22:55:21 PST 2008

Hi everyone:

Hope to gain some warm responses from you!

I encountered a problem after intalling MoteWorks, I want to visit the
Webside such as http://localhost:8080 through Xserve WEB Interface as said
in the MoteWorks Guide. Before visiting this URL, the xserve must be
started. the corresponding command in Cygwin is -h, but here always appears
the following output:

$ xserve -h
[2008/02/21 01:40:15]  xdebug: could not open log file
ve/bin/logs/xserve_log.txt: No such file or directory
XSERVE 2.0.E: $Id: xserve.c,v 2007/02/02 17:45:01 rkapur Exp $
Using params: [xml raw] [xml parsed] [xml converted] [server port=9001]
Opening serial device: /dev/ttyS0 @ 57600
[2008/02/21 01:40:18]  xserve: Couldn't open serial port /dev/ttyS0:57600
XMonitor: XServ failure.
Evaluating process exit...
Exit status - Application Level Exit. No restart requested.
Signal Status - Normal.
wait: No error

So I want to ask some quesiones based on the above output:

1.What does the meaning of this output stand for? it seems that the
xserve.exe under the path.//opt/MoteWorks/tools/xserve/bin/bin, has not been

2.what is /dev/ttyS0:57600, how to use it?

3.How to start Xserve normally in MoteWorks with the Cygwin command to visit
the web interface provided by Xserve?

4.is there a special CygWin.dll for Xserve? if so, how to gain it? How to
configure it in the MoteView and MoteWork for normal operation?

Looking forwark for your help and reply!! Thank you very much!

Best Regards;

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