[Tinyos-help] Is this the same way to change the baud rate for Tmote Sky in tinyos-2.x?

Sikar Chan sikar.chan at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 08:26:41 PST 2008

Hi all

I read and tried the following method to change the baud rate. But fail.
I tried this with the SerialForwarder in tinyos-2.x. But the file
".platform.properties" does not appear after step 3.
Even, I create the file and follow all the steps. The SerialForwarder
still does not work for 262144.

I would like to ask if this method is for tinyos-2.x - SerialForwarder?
Would you please give me some suggestions?



"Increase the default baud rate.
 Compile TOSBase for another baud rate using the "baud" make extra.
For instance, you can compile and install TOSBase for 262144 baud like
this: make tmote baud,262144 install,1

 Set your TOS_PLATFORMS environment variable to specify the file used
by Serial Forwarder to override the default serial port specifications
for the various platforms export TOS_PLATFORMS="`cygpath -m

 To automatically generate the $TOS_PLATFORMS file if it does not yet
exist, run Serial Forwarder once then quitjava
net.tinyos.sf.SerialForwarder -no-gui
# Hit CTRL-C

 Edit the $TOS_PLATFORMS file and change the baud rate for tmote to
your new baud rate, for instance 262144tmote=telos,2,262144

 Run serial forwarder as normal, specifying the tmote platform to use
the new baud rate "

Sikar Chan

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