[Tinyos-help] problem with xserve

Giri Baleri mbaleri at xbow.com
Wed Feb 20 08:13:43 PST 2008

Hi Soumya,
The problem is likely caused by the USB to Serial adapter... not all
USB-Serial adapters work reliably with different OS and PC makes. 
We have seen cases with certain adapters where you can program the Mote,
but can't read data back. What is the make and model of your adapter?
I would suggest trying either direct PC serial connection or using a
MIB520 USB programming board.


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I am just starting to learn TinyOS, and am using Crossbow's Moteworks

I have been able to succesfully load blink, and am trying to run a
simple light sensing application.  The application has loaded correctly,
because I have configured three LEDs to indicate -

Firing of timer
Sampling of light
Sending of data back

And all three are blinking correctly.  However, when I use xerve in my
cygwin, it gets stuck at "Opening serial device /dev / ttyS3 @ 57600".
I know that the port is COM4, as shown in the Device Manager.  I am
using a USB to DB9 converted, with a mib510 board, and mica2 mote.  

I request you to solve my problem.



Soumya Jain
EE Graduate Student
Penn State University

koi to chal zidd fariye...


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