[Tinyos-help] [TinyOs 1.X] The SENDING Interfaces

Ubaldo Tiberi ubaldo.tiberi at email.it
Wed Feb 20 07:16:07 PST 2008

Hi everybody,

I'm studying the TinyOs 1.X and I've seen that are 4 interfaces to  
send packets.
Well, the interfaces I'm studying are:

1) SendMsg
2) SendData
3) Send
4) BareSendMsg

I've understand how to wire the interfaces SendMsg and BareSendMsg  
(in the SendMsg I fill all the fields of the TOS_Msg and the  
BareSendMsg takes the completed TOS_Msg provided by the SendMsg  
interface, and send it in the FramerC module isn't it?(it's only an  
But are there any examples on the web,or that you can suggest me to  
see, that use the Send and the SendData Interfaces too?
I'd like to understand better how to use interfaces over interfaces.
I've read that the Send interface should be provided by all protocols  
above the layer 2 (GenericComm/AM). It means that I should create a  
Module  that PROVIDES the Send interface and USES the SendMsg  
interface (for example this module could be wired in the GenericComm  
layer because it provides the SendMsg interface), isn't it?

Is there any example I can study that do it? And there are some other  
examples that uses the SendData interface too?

Another question...
Looking at the SendMsg and Send  interfaces there's something I don't  

Send interface          --->  command result_t send (TOS_MsgPtr msg,  
uint16_t length);
SendMsg Interface  --->  command result_t send (uint16_t address,  
uint8_t length, TOS_MsgPtr msg);

If I should "build" the Send interface over the SendMsg interface why  
the length parameter in the Send.send(...) is a uint16_t type  and  
sendMsg.send(...) has got a  uint8_t lenght?
They should be both uint8_t types, aren't them?
Thank you

Ubaldo Tiberi

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