[Tinyos-help] TmoteSky - External Power Supply

Jose Araujo araujo at kth.se
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Hi Miriam,


I have solved this situation. We are using a USB connector plugged into a 5V
DC adapter. This USB connector is then connected to the USB plug in the
mote. This is a optimal solution for this I think. You don’t have to bother
about lots of hardware work neither interferences.


About the adc values, you should read the TEP 109 (Sensors and Sensor
Boards) and TEP 101 (ADCs). The most important is the 109 which helps you
implementing the ADC code. The other is for you to take experience and
knowledge about how the ADC works.











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I have to do exactly the same, and I not really sure about that. I thought
as you, but I have another question, you know how tho get the  data of the
voltage from de adc ports?


2008/2/7, Jose Araujo < <mailto:jose.araujo at fe.up.pt> jose.araujo at fe.up.pt>:

Dear all,


I wanted to have na external vcc to supply my tmote sky but the tmote
datasheet is not conclusive about it. Does anyone implemented already? I was
thinking about connecting the 3V supply to the pin 1 and 9 of the external
16 pin connector i.e. AVCC and Gnd, with a L from ExternalVCC to AVCC, as
its seen in the battery supply schematic (Vccin with C1, L2 and C2 turned
into DVCC)


Thanks to all,



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