[Tinyos-help] Texas Inst. Packet Sniffer using telosb

Leonardo Steinfeld leo at fing.edu.uy
Thu Feb 14 07:05:56 PST 2008

The only hardware we have until now are telosb. Before attempt to buy 
the texas instrument packet sniffer, I mean buy the CC2430 Demonstration 
Board for using with the free downloaded software (e.g. Texas 
Instruments Packet Sniffer 2.7.1) I want to try to use a telosb as a 
packet sniffer connected to a PC. If the frames captured by the telosb 
are sent to the PC via the USB using the format psd (packet sniffer 
data) specified by the software of Texas, the data can be saved in a 
file. Then it can be opened with the Packet Sniffer for offline inspection.
Has anyone tried to do that? Please send me an psd file and the 
corresponding raw data so I have some "correct data".

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