[Tinyos-help] problem with xserve

Soumya Jain asoumya at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 13 12:32:28 PST 2008


I am just starting to learn TinyOS, and am using Crossbow's Moteworks 2.0.  

I have been able to succesfully load blink, and am trying to run a simple light sensing application.  The application has loaded correctly, because I have configured three LEDs to indicate -

Firing of timer
Sampling of light
Sending of data back

And all three are blinking correctly.  However, when I use xerve in my cygwin, it gets stuck at "Opening serial device /dev / ttyS3 @ 57600".  I know that the port is COM4, as shown in the Device Manager.  I am using a USB to DB9 converted, with a mib510 board, and mica2 mote.  

I request you to solve my problem.



Soumya Jain
EE Graduate Student
Penn State University

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