[Tinyos-help] Uart Timing

Shaun Lawrence slawrence at invocon.com
Tue Feb 19 13:02:35 PST 2008

Does anyone know if there are timing constraints with sending packets over
the serial port?

I'm using a TelosB unit running the newest version of TinyOS. 

Right now I have my application setup to send back an uart ack once the unit
receives the packet. If I send it myself by clicking a button the unit will
react as normal and send me back my ack. However, if I have the PC send
multiple packets at once (like 3 right in a row) then it does not receive
all 3 acks. 

If I put a 100ms delay in between each packet then I will receive all 3
acks. So I'm wondering if there is a timing constraint and I need to place a
delay. If so does anyone know the minimum delay?



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