[Tinyos-help] TOSH_wait_250ns()

Fran Rincon francisco.rincon at epfl.ch
Tue Feb 19 08:43:50 PST 2008

Hello everyone,


I'm porting a code from TinyOS 1.x to TinyOS 2.0. I have found in my code
some calls to "TOSH_wait_250ns()" and I don't know for what I should replace
these in TinyOS 2.0. There are other calls like "TOSH_uwait" that I have
replaced by BusyWait.wait, but in this case I cannot use BusyWait since the
accuracy that I need is more that the ones that BusyWait offers.

I have seen that in the driver for the humidity sensor of the Telos
platform, these calls are simply removed. Could anyone give me some advice?


Thanks in advance. Best regards.


Fran Rincon

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