[Tinyos-help] Drop rate in TOSSIM

Pengjun Pan ppan at cs.utsa.edu
Mon Feb 18 22:54:55 PST 2008

Hi, All.

I am creating a sensor network model based on the RadioCountToLed example provided in the apps folder. Basically, I want a sink to broadcast beacons to all other nodes while those nodes will send back data to the sink periodically. It is run under TOSSIM. 

1. I am encountering a large packet loss right now, which is about 30%. Does anyone know if this is common or not? 

2. I found a file named BinaryInterferenceModelC.nc in the tossim lib directory. But it seems not to be used in my application. Does anyone know how TOSSIM control the packet drop and which source file is responsible to random dropping of packets?

Many thanks!

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