[Tinyos-help] Snooping in TinyOS 1.x ??

Mahesh Satharla mbsathrl at memphis.edu
Fri Feb 15 13:33:31 PST 2008

Hello Everyone,

       I am trying to implement Snooping mechanism in TinyOS 1.x  *i.e a
node should observe the packets(messages) which are not destined to it*.Using
Snooping,I need to observe the sender ID of the packet.I am using Multihop
routing application ('Delta' from MoteIV) for data collection and routing

     I guess Multihop routing protocol itself do Snooping for link
estimations(Snoop interface in Multihop component) but I am not able to
figure out how exactly it do.

    There is some other Interface called Snoop *( tinyos1.x
/interfaces/Snoop.nc*),but I don't know whether these two Snoop interfaces
are same and don't know how to use this interface ?

So, can any one help me out to *implement Snooping mechanism in TinyOS 1.x*?

Platform : Windows XP/ Cygwin
Motes    : TmoteInvent (from MoteIV )

P.S: Somebody said, for Snooping to work I need to upgrade to TinyOS 2.0.2 .
Is it necessary ??? ( I am more familiar with TOS 1.x than TOS 2.x) and how
can I do in TOS 2.0.2 ???

Thanks and Regards,
Mahesh B.Satharla,
University of Memphis.
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