[Tinyos-help] High packet loss when using TinyOS 2.0.2

Jing Yang jy8y at cs.virginia.edu
Fri Feb 15 09:36:47 PST 2008

Hi All,

I just switched from TinyOS 1 to TinyOS 2 and found something strange in 
my first try.

Basically I have a 1-1 connection between two Mica2 motes, one is running 
BlinkToRadio and the other is running BaseStation. Even if I turned the 
sending rate to 1 packet per 2 second, I get a high packet loss (about 
20%). This scenario never happens when I use TinyOS 1. I install TinyOS 2 
on Windows following the web instructions and get no errors.

So, anybody met the same problem or I have screwed something up. Please 
also let me know if you get 100% packet received in a similar scenario so 
that I can be sure that this is my problem.

Thanks in advance,
-- Jing

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