[Tinyos-help] re: GPS module of MTS420 not working

Siirtola Harri Harri.Siirtola at vtt.fi
Fri Feb 15 02:43:56 PST 2008

IIRC, the 0x0a packet is the heartbeat (health) packet that motes send
indicating they're alive. Might be that XListen won't parse it but it's
not the source of your problem. The parsed packet also looks odd,
considering there should be some GPS info. Although it reads MTS420, is
the MTS400 app sending all required data? 
Sorry, haven't used MTS420 but wrote just to give something to think


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Hi all

In my previous message, I had mentioned that I was using XListen with a
CrossBow MTS420 mote and wasn't getting any output on the screen. As it
turns out, my sensor board was faulty. I'm using another one now, and I
get readings from all the other sensors, but nothing from the GPS. I
have installed the XSensorMTS400 app on the board, and am using TinyOS
1.x. This is the output I get:

[2008/02/15 04:31:31]
error: no packet handler for tos type 0x0a
[2008/02/15 04:31:31]
MTS420 [sensor data converted to engineering units]:
   health:       node id = 2
   battery:              = 3278 mv
   humidity:             = 28 %
   Temperature:          = 25 degC
   IntersemaTemperature: = 24 degC
   IntersemaPressure:    = 1011 mbar
   Light:                = 4.600000 lux
   X-axis Accel:         = 616.666667 mg
   Y-axis Accel:         = 116.751269 mg

I'm guessing that the line "error: no packet handler for tos type 0x0a"
might be the problem, but I have no idea how to fix it. Any help would
be highly appreciated!


Nikhil Singhal

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