[Tinyos-help] net.tinyos.tools.Listen MIB600 No data is seen on theDisplay

Giovanni Abu-Aita giovannirimon at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 14 20:42:59 PST 2008

Thank you very much. I did try the port 10002 first and it did not work; but after playing with the data rate (Speed=57600) it worked fine. Thanks again.

Giri Baleri <mbaleri at xbow.com> wrote:     The port 10001 of MIB600 is used to program the Mote and  port 10002 is used to read data from the base Mote.
 You need to set the MOTECOM variable to port 10002 of your  MIB600 for the PC tools to read data.

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hello everybody,
I am running the Oscilloscope Application on the  mote that is connected to MIB600.
I am trying to read the packets and display  them on the screen using  net.tinyos.tools.Listen but nothing seems to  appear on the screen. with MIB510 everything goes fine. with MIB600 I set the  value of MOTECOM: 
export MOTECOM:network at but still the  Listen gives me: 
network at resynchronising........ and  stops there. anybody can help in this. 
P.S. : 
1) I had this problem  before and I have changed the settings of the MIB600 by browsing it: I set the  Speed of channel 1 to 115200 and the speed of channel 2 57600 and i made sure  the ports are 10001 and 10002 respectively. Fortunately It worked. But now I  don;t know what I did wrong; I even restored to factory settings  plus the  changes above but it did;t work. 
2) I also tried the SerialForwarder but it  seemed it doesn't read the packets.

Any help??? Thanks in advance

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