[Tinyos-help] Deluge T2 Dissemination

Bernardo Maciel bernardo.maciel at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 09:39:39 PST 2008


I'm working with Deluge T2 to use in a Tmote Sky testbed. So far I
have looked into various documents and material, including the mailing
(eg http://mail.millennium.berkeley.edu/pipermail/tinyos-help/2007-December/030076.html
), but I keep having one issue.

I have updated my system (XubunTOS) to the latest version (including
Ubuntu 7.10). I have also updated TinyOS-2.x from CVS and recompiled
the tools.

I used burn-net script to program a couple of motes. This works fine;
but then, I injected an image to slot 0 with success and sent a
disseminate-and-reprogram command, which doesn't seem to work! The
green led of page received doesn't lit and nothing seems to be going
If I do it in slot 1, everything works perfectly. But with slot 0, I
can only reprogram the base station and not disseminate!

Am I doing anything wrong or is this a problem with Deluge T2? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Bernardo Maciel
bernardo.maciel at gmail.com

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