[Tinyos-help] RSSIsample error in tinyos2.0

Tal Rusak tr76 at cornell.edu
Wed Feb 13 18:27:05 PST 2008

     Which OS are you using? Try
java RssiSample -comm network at


> hi,
>  I am trying to run an application for RSSI*Sample* on MicaZ motes using
> tinyos2.0. Although I am able to compile the mote, I am unable to check
> whether the application has been loaded properly on the mote. Whenever I
> try
> to check it using the .class  file using the following command :
> $ java RssiSample.class - comm network at
> I receive the following error :
> Exception in thread "main" java.lang. NoClassDefFoundError:
> RssiSample/class
>  Can anybody suggest me the correct command or the right manner to program
> micaZ motes to sample RSSI ?
> thanks in advance
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