[Tinyos-help] Component initialization

Flavio Pompermaier fla83tn at libero.it
Wed Feb 13 15:04:51 PST 2008

Hi to all,I have a quick question:
suppose I have a component that when initialized starts a timer.
The main program is however another one, which needs that component
in order to work. How do I need to initialize the first component?
Should I need to declare it as implementing Init, StdControl,
SplitControl or something else? It is not a two-phase component, so
using StdControl or SplitControl sounds to me like a waste, whereas
using Init could be more reasonable..however do I need to call Init.init
from Boot.booted of the second component or from
MainC.softwareInit?? Do you have some example about it to suggest me?


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