[Tinyos-help] Deluge(ify) MultihopOscilloscope

Andrew Parson O'Brien apobrien at uvm.edu
Wed Feb 13 13:33:48 PST 2008


I'm trying to modify a vanilla MultihopOscilliscope so that it may  
serve as a Deluge T2-enabled app.

Following the manual, I included "TINYOS_NP=BNP" in the Makefile and  
added a DelugeC component in MultihopOscilliscopeAppC.nc.  At first it  
complained about StorageVolumes.h but after I copied Blink's  
volumes-at45db.xml and volumes-stm25p.xml to the program directory it  
compiles fine.

At that point I can compile, inject and successfully reboot the mote  
using the build/telosb/tos_image.xml file.

When I try to compile it with "CFLAGS=-DDELUGE_BASESTATION make  
telosb" however, I get the following errors:

msp430-ld: address 0x1010a of build/telosb/main.exe section .text is  
not within region text
msp430-ld: section .vectors [0000ffe0 -> 0000ffff] overlaps section  
.text [00004a00 -> 00010109]
msp430-ld: build/telosb/main.exe: section .vectors lma 0xffe0 overlaps  
previous sections
make: *** [exe0] Error 1

Am I doing this properly?

The GoldenImage and Blink apps work fine.

I'm using tinyos-2.x's latest CVS,
ncc: 1.2.4,
nescc: 1.2.9,
gcc: gcc (GCC) 4.1.2,
"msp430-ld --version" reports GNU ld version 2.17


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