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The typical standby current of the at45db041b (used on the mica2 and not
too recent micaz motes) is 2uA. This is what the chip draws if there is
no read/write/erase operation in progress. You cannot go any lower than
that. The data sheet is at

The newer micazs and the iris motes are equipped with a at45db041d,
where the standby current is slightly higher, typically 25uA. You can
switch this version of the flash chip to deep powerdown mode, where it
typically draws 5uA. 

If you consider 20uA a "considerable amount of ampere", you may want to
check page 24 of the datasheet where it is explained how to enter deep
power-down mode. The data sheet is at


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Hi all,
 Isnt there anybody to answer how to disable external
flash? I will gain considerable amount of ampere by
doing so. I would be happy to hear from someone. 
   thanks in advance

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