[Tinyos-help] How to measure the memory cost

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The local automatic variables are not counted when the make system
prints out the RAM usage. I suspect you have some of those in your code.


They are created dynamically on the stack, and thus, it's hard to tell
what is the maximum possible stack depth. (There exist static stack
depth analysis tools, but, as of now, the TinyOS make system does not
make use of any of them.) 





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Hi all,


solved the problems explained in my previous post, I'm interesting to
study the memory cost.

I know the importante of RAM and ROM value following the command "make

But, enough I allocate many variables an many arrays, the corresponding
RAM value is 453bytes.

Is it possibile?

The style of my code is very simple (is taken from Blink example). In
Blink I  include two file : an header file (svm.h) and an implementation
C file (svm.c).

May the C code doesn't involve the Rom and Ram values?

My variables and arrays are just in the C code.

I hope my explation is good.

Thanks for your help in advance





the Rom value is about 67K


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