[Tinyos-help] Is it possible to implement this scenario? Is it possible to simulate a mobile node in TOSSIM, TinyViz?

Saravanan Sivaji saravanan_forums at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 13 08:34:34 PST 2008

Hi all,
  I am new to TinyOS, TOSSIM.  I want to simulate a scenario in TOSSIM, TinyViz? Can any tell me whether it is possible or not?
  here is the scenario....I want to visualize the output through TinyViz
  I am deploying set of sensor nodes in geographical field(TinyViz left panel), which all unaware of their location.  I am introducing a mobile node, which is location aware node (assumed).  The mobile node traverse through the sensor field and helps the sensor nodes to estimate their location.  While in travel, the mobile node broadcast beacon message at regular periodic interval. The sensor nodes who receive the beacon message will acknowledge to the mobile node.
  I saw the output of TestTinyViz application.  I partially understood. I am still working out.  I dont enough background of sensor motes and other electronic components. I am from pure software engineering discipline.  I am good in java.  
  what I want to know is, Is it possible to simulate a mobile node in TOSSIM?????
  Assume that, I want similar output of TestTinyViz application with single mobile node traverse through set of sensor nodes(they are static).  
  please give me idea? where to start?

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