[Tinyos-help] Error while Programming Imperial BSN Node V2.0

antonio gonga ask25019fe at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 13 05:08:20 PST 2008

Hey all,

I'm having an strange error while programming an Imperial BSN Node V2.0( BSN - Stands for Body Sensor Network). I know that there are some Applications running on these sensors(TinyOS-1.x) , but I'm trying to upload a TinyOS-2.x application, once they use TinyOS.

Error output:
mkdir -p build/telosb
mig java -target=null -java-classname=AccelTempMsg AccelTemp.h AccelTemp -o AccelTempMsg.java
javac AccelTempMsg.java
    compiling AccelTempC to a telosb binary
ncc -o build/telosb/main.exe -Os -O -mdisable-hwmul -Wall -Wshadow -DDEF_TOS_AM_GROUP=0x7d -Wnesc-all -target=telosb -fnesc-c$
    compiled AccelTempC to build/telosb/main.exe
           13812 bytes in ROM
             336 bytes in RAM
msp430-objcopy --output-target=ihex build/telosb/main.exe build/telosb/main.ihex
    writing TOS image
cp build/telosb/main.ihex build/telosb/main.ihex.out
    found mote on /dev/ttyUSB0 (using bsl,auto)
    installing telosb binary using bsl
tos-bsl --telosb -c /dev/ttyUSB0 -r -e -I -p build/telosb/main.ihex.out
An error occoured:
Bootstrap loader synchronization error
make: *** [program] Error 1

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