[Tinyos-help] Re: Tinyos-2.x Oscilloscope save button?

Alexandros Karagiannis akarag at mail.ntua.gr
Wed Feb 13 00:06:12 PST 2008

Αλέξανδρος Καραγιάννης wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Before i describe my case i'd like to express a big THANK YOU for the 
> help that this list provides to those people trying to deal and 
> experiment on WSN and Tinyos-NesC.
> Moving now to the problem. I was using in Tinyos-1.x the oscilloscope 
> application which is a very helpful tool to visualize data i got from 
> Tmote Sky network. Porting now the code to T2, or modifying and 
> writing new code to use oscilloscope application i realized that there 
> is no possibility to save the stream of data that this application 
> visualizes. In the beginning i thought it was something i missed, i 
> started searching the mailing list for any similar issue and then by 
> googling it i came to the conclusion that there is no evident reason 
> for not having the save button.
> After digging in the java source of the oscilloscope application 
> (/opt/tinyos-2.x/apps/Oscilloscope/java) it was clear that the 
> application actually saves the data stream by using two objects 
> Data,Node but it wasn't obvious how can somebody gets access to the 
> saved stream.
> If i missed something then i apologize but could someone point me any 
> way to save data stream from serialForwarder in Tinyos-2.x ? My only 
> alternative for now is the Listen tool.
> Thank you
I forgot to inform you about my setup.
I use xubuntos-2.0

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