[Tinyos-help] Running tinyos 1.x and 2.x simultaneously

fatima zohra misszola at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 9 00:18:12 PST 2008

yes, i guess you can.
actually i have installed XubuntOS which is composed by Ubuntu 7.0 and TinyOS 2.x but i found both TinyOS 1.x and TinyOS 2.x.
However, you should be aware about the version you want to use and set up your environnement variable for this version.
Best regards.

Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2008 02:36:19 -0500From: nikhil.singhal at gmail.comTo: tinyos-help at millennium.berkeley.eduSubject: [Tinyos-help] Running tinyos 1.x and 2.x simultaneouslyHi all,Is it possible to have both tinyos 1.x and 2.x installed on my computer at the same time?Thanks!-- Nikhil 
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