[Tinyos-help] Tinyos help needed

Michael Schippling schip at santafe.edu
Fri Feb 8 15:20:43 PST 2008

Try using "motelist"  and see what port it says when you have
your tmote plugged in. Then use that port in the MOTECOM variable:
     export MOTECOM=serial at COM4:tmote
The Boomerang demo apps also include Count/CountUart which is about
the simplest way to test your setup.

I've noted that the USB to serial port conversion picks a different
port ID (on Windows anyway) depending on what USB jack/hub is being

Also, try going back to Delta and make sure it still works. You can
use Listen instead of the Trawler PC program to look at messages.
Make sure you are using the version of all the java code that got
loaded with the Tmote tools, I think the tmote wasn't supported
prior to about v1.1.10


Elizabeth Omotosho wrote:
> Hi,
> I am very new to Tinyos in fact to tmotes in general but want to learn.
> I just got 3 moteiv sky motes  and I am trying to get them to work on 
> windows xp.
> I installed boomerang on my system -from the Tmote Tools CD version 
> 2.0.5 with tinyos-1.x, Java 5.0, Graphiz2.8, cygwin, Trawler etc. I 
> tried and succeeded in compiling the Blink application and the Delta 
> application by following the instructions in the tutorial.  After this, 
> everything else I have tried to do has not worked. I tried the sense, 
> OscilloscopeRF, TOSBase and the java Listen application but it just 
> keeps on re-synchronizing and gives no further output.....   
> "serial at COM1:57600:resynchronising"
> I actually want to configure 2 motes to send temperature and humidity 
> readings to the third mote. That means I have to configure one as the 
> base (TOSBase) and the other two as transmitters. I have tried to do 
> this but I am not making any headway, moreover the tinyos tutorial was 
> written for Mica motes and not tmotes.
> 1. How can I configure the motes to get temperature and humidity readings.
> 2. How do I configure two motes to send their readings to the other 
> mote. How can I get them to "see" each other.
> I would appreciate all the help I can get from the experts.
> Thanks.
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Platform: WinXP/Cygwin
TinyOS version: 1.x, Boomerang
Programmer: MIB510
Device(s): Mica2, MicaZ, Tmote
Sensor board: homebrew

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