[Tinyos-help] Energy Estimation in TOSSIM

Enrico Perla perlae at tcd.ie
Fri Feb 8 08:06:59 PST 2008

   I am currently working on a school project related to implement an Energy
Estimator (generally known as PowerTOSSIM) for the MICAz motes family.
I checked the PowerTOSSIM 2 implementation by Venkatesh and I have a couple
of doubt on the design and the precise internal working of TOSSIM :

 - Flash Memory : I saw the Hpl related code ported inside the (created)
sim/ directory. What is unclear to me is the choice of trapping only a
read() or a write() request.
   Among all, from my understanding, the flash memory uses a flush based
mechanism and provides the possibility of erasing given pages. Are those
operations (and others) negligible from the battery usage point of  view
(and so have been deliberately not taken in account in PowerTOSSIM 2) or
should be taken in account ?
Moreover, I've seen that the read and write are only trapped at request time
and so the split-phase (request read - readDone ) is not taken in account,
too. Is that still related to the, eventual, reason above ?

- CC2420 : the TOSSIM 2 radio model is based on the CC2420, I am still
reading along the TinyOS implementation of it, but what I was wondering is :
the level of abstraction that TOSSIM gives (the packet level) is enough to
capture the most sensibly consume of energy or is not ? I think that things
like sensing the layer before sending and eventual problem related should be
taken in account too and so I was thinking about studying for porting them
into. Anyone of you has any experience in that or can give some advice ? I
am going to read the CC2420 beta implementation for TinyOS 1.x too.

Sorry for the long email of requests, thanks in advance for your time


           -  Enrico
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