[Tinyos-help] TOSSIM status

Iñigo Urteaga urteaga at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 18:41:14 PST 2008

Hi all,

I have been using TOSSIM 2.x for some months and tracking the
evolution of it's components. I have a couple of doubts:

- I know there is a PowerTossim version in the contrib directory. How
stable is it? Does it support micaz motes or only mica2? What about
CC2420 radio stack?

- Related to the radio stack, is the CC2420 stack useful in TOSSIM
2.x? Basically, I would like to access RSSI or LQI fields of received
packets. As far as I know, I should access the CC2420 interface to get
received packet's RSSI/LQI readings.

Any help will be deeply appreciated. Thanks in advance,


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