[Tinyos-help] TinyOS on Linux AMD64 OS

John Griessen john at ecosensory.com
Thu Feb 7 10:32:52 PST 2008

Joey Wilson wrote:
> I am having a lot of problems installing tinyOS on my linux (Ubuntu 7.10)
> AMD 64-bit operating system.  I have tried using the stanford repositories,
> converting the RPMs to DEB files, and a lot of other things, but nothing is
> working.  Any suggestions or help?

If you use the xubuntos install to get a working system, you can then apt-get upgrades
that get you  working with KDE or gnome desktop installation.

There's also a way to list all .deb dependencies...   I could figure that out and you'd have a list
for apt-get to use, but you'd still have to have different binaries for AMD64, so
from source m ay be the way.

John G
Ecosensory   Austin TX
tinyOS devel on:  ubuntu Linux;   tinyOS v2.0.2;   telosb ecosens1

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