[Tinyos-help] "can't load library 'libtermcap.so.2'"

Greg Hackmann gwh2 at cse.wustl.edu
Thu Feb 7 08:19:30 PST 2008

Alessandro Turella wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to debug my msp430 device (Tmote Sky) with the "Blink" 
> program using
> msp430-jtag.
> I'm using debian testing, and when i try to start the msp430gdb it 
> returns to me an error:
> "can't load library 'libtermcap.so.2'"
> so i tried to install the |termcap-compat| package. but it require the 
> old libc5 instead of libc6 required by tinyos system
> I installed TOS2.x on debian using the ubuntu repository... it seems to 
> work, i can compile but not debug, anyone can help?
> Regards,
> Alex

msp430-gdb seems to have been built on a system where libtermcap was 
aliased to libncurses.  I was able to get msp430-gdb to work by 
installing the libncurses5 package and running

   ln -s libncurses.so /usr/lib/libtermcap.so.2

Be warned that this could break older programs compiled against the 
"real" libtermcap.

Greg Hackmann

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