[Tinyos-help] to ready voltage ADC2

Giovanni Rossi gnngvn at libero.it
Wed Feb 6 19:25:46 PST 2008

I have to insert a on -off switch on my telosb. This on-off switch code a information (1 or 0 ) that will send to Wireless Sensor Network.
on-off switch is used to simuate a people detector, but in first step of simuling. do you  Konw any exemples like this???
Only I know that I need to pin1 (AVCC), pin 7 (ADC2) and R16(GIO1).
Joining pin1 and pin7 with a jumper I simul a closed circuit.

I assign   GIO1->0
and I should read ADC2 When the switch is open and when it is closed.

I would see same exemples of code??

please..help me...

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