[Tinyos-help] 100Hz on MDA320

jbbae jbbae at me.berkeley.edu
Mon Feb 4 17:05:10 PST 2008



I'm using MDA 320, MICAz and MIB 520. I'm using the modified source code
'C:\Crossbow\cygwin\opt\MoteWorks\apps\xmesh\XMeshBase' for the base node,
and 'C:\Crossbow\cygwin\opt\MoteWorks\apps\xmesh\XMDA320' for the node #1.


I want to send 4 analog signals and 1 battery signal from node #1 to the
base node. They work well at the default sampling frequency. But the problem
is, I want to raise the sampling frequency up to 100Hz. So I changed
timer_rate in XSensorMDA320M.nc to smaller value (10) and
ANALOG_SAMPLING_TIME in XSensorMDA320M.nc to small value (1) and TIME_SCALE
in SamplerM.nc to smaller value (10) and MAX_SAMPLERECORD in sensorboard.h
to smaller value (5). But they show only about 10Hz performance.


So how can I raise the sampling frequency up to 100Hz?


Any kind of advice will be appreciated.




Joonbum Bae.

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