[Tinyos-help] MicaZ: PWM

Michael Schippling schip at santafe.edu
Wed Feb 6 15:23:45 PST 2008

I have some code for Atmega timer PWM in:

Asier Arruti wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> We need to emit a series of pulses, and we are trying using the PWM 
> module. We have found references to a "PMWC" interface and a testing 
> programme called "PWMTest". However, it does not exist in our default 
> installation of MoteWorks, or at least, we have not been able to find them.
> Could somebody tell us where we can find them, or how we can use the PWM 
> module?
> Thanks in advance,
> Asier
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Platform: WinXP/Cygwin
TinyOS version: 1.x, Boomerang
Programmer: MIB510
Device(s): Mica2, MicaZ, Tmote
Sensor board: homebrew

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