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Tue Feb 5 21:50:20 PST 2008


    I am very new to TinyOS and NesC. Recently I  did some programming
through NesC in few crossbow MICA MOTE and I had a problem when I tried the
examples listed in the Chapter 7 of tinyos tutorial.(Injecting and
broadcasting packet). I  Flashed SimpleCmd to one mote and another with
TOSBase, which resides on the programming base itself.

Also I run the SerialForwarder on another window.(java
net.tinyos.sf.SerialForwarder -comm serial at com1:57600)

When I tried the application BcastInject with the option led_on, Red and
Yellow led at the programming base is  turned on, *Not on the mote which is
programmed to SimpleCmd. That is, the information is not communicated across
through RF*. But I am not getting any error while running BcastInject.

 I am using MIB510 Serial port programmer, MPR2400 Mote processor and MTS310
Sensor Data Acquisition board.

 Pease help me to sort out the problem.

Thanks in advance,

Vinu Paul
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