[Tinyos-help] TOSSIM ADC

Farhana Khan j_farhana at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 5 09:32:08 PST 2008

  I am working with the Grid of 25x25 nodes in Tinyos 1.x. I need each node to read a specific reading instead of having the reading returned by the ADC component. As in case of c++ language or anyother we can make the node to read from a specific position in the text file. So is there any quick way to read in the motes the values from my input file (which contains the values specifying a specific phenomena)  
  As TinyViz, supports this, through the ADC plugin. Left-clicking on a mote selects it; using the ADC panel, you can set the 10-bit value read from any of the mote’s ADC ports. But the problem is doing it in tinyviz for each and every node will be hard due to large number of nodes. 
  Can anyone help me to how to handle this problem. 

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