[Tinyos-help] JTAG connection/debugging MICAz with mib510 and AVRATJTAGICE_MKII

Murray, Ben Ben.Murray at thalesgroup.com
Mon Feb 4 04:30:51 PST 2008

I had a trawl through the forums for mkII related woes and came across this
but I have a few issues (may actually be a side issue with USB) getting it
all set up...

I can:
a-set the jtag fuse when the mib510 is connected to the serial port
b-connect to the mkII using avarice/ice-gdb/ice-insight when the pod is on
the serial port /dev/ttyS0

I cannot:
c-program or set fuses etc on the mote when the pod is on the serial and is
connected to the jtag for the mote/mib510
d-run the debugger having connected to the pod - it appears to want a second
serial link to the mib510 rather than going via the pod's jtag connector.
e-connect or do anything via the usb port (using avarice --mkII --jtag usb
give the error that there is no such file/directory as usb...? It seems
happy connecting via serial /dev/ttyS0 but then ice-insight also seems to
want to connect via /ttyS0)

Perhaps it's a usb connection error (Cygwin / XP / T2) or perhaps there's a
"better" way to go about debugging someone can suggest, or a
guide-for-idiots type introduction to jtag debugging for T2/nesC? Is
AVRStudio any use for debugging TinyOS programs?


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