[Tinyos-help] Can I use PacketAcknowledgments in TinyOS Testbed ? (It works well in Tossim, but doesn't work in Testbed).

DAE HEE KIM dahkim77 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 15:13:22 PST 2008


PacketAcknowledgements worked very well in Tossim. However, in motes. it
doesn't work.
Do I have to change some other parameter in order to use
PacketAcknowledgement in motes ?

Following is my snippet that I added PacketAcknowledgements in

   * Send Packet
  // send data when timer expires
  event void Timer0.fired()

    if (!busy) {

      // create new packet
      BlinkToRadioMsg *btrpkt = (BlinkToRadioMsg*)(call Packet.getPayload(&pkt,

      // insert data into packet
      btrpkt->nodeid  = TOS_NODE_ID;
      btrpkt->counter = counter;

      // send packet (broadcast)

      call Acks.requestAck(&pkt);
      if (call AMSend.send(AM_BROADCAST_ADDR, &pkt, sizeof(BlinkToRadioMsg))
        dbg("BlinkToRadioC","Send %d packet\n", counter);
        busy = TRUE;

        // send success : Blink
        call Leds.led0Toggle();

  // finish sending
  event void AMSend.sendDone(message_t *msg, error_t error) {
    if (&pkt == msg) {
      if (call Acks.wasAcked(msg)) {
        call Leds.led2Toggle();
      else {
        call Leds.led1Toggle();    <-- led1 toggles which means not acked.
      busy = FALSE;

Thanks in advance

DaeHee Kim (Danny)
Department of Computer Science, State University of NewYork at Binghamton.
Cell Phone : 1-607-321-9574
Address : 13-A Andrea Dr, Vestal, NY, 13850
email-address : dkim11 at binghamton.edu, dahkim77 at gmail.com
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