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Nicholas Seddon seddon.5 at osu.edu
Fri Sep 30 11:50:23 PDT 2005

In order to change the location that Surge listens at you need to set
MOTECOM before running the application. Here is an example:

MOTECOM=sf at localhost:2309 java net.tinyos.surge.MainClass 0x7d

Or where ever you want to point it at

MOTECOM=sf at java net.tinyos.surge.MainClass 0x7d

Hope that helps some.

On 9/30/05 11:01 AM, "Aylin Aksu" <aylinaksu at su.sabanciuniv.edu> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I am trying to run the SerialForwarder with avrora, for which I need to set
> the
> port number to 2390 which is 9001 by default.
> java net.tinyos.sf.SerialForwarder -comm network at did not work,
> SerialForwarder tried to connect to port 9001.
> So I tried:
> java net.tinyos.sf.SerialForwarder -port 2309 -comm network at
> This
> worked. 
> Then, to monitor the surge application I tried the command:
> java net.tinyos.surge.MainClass 0x7d, but this didn't work, because it was
> still
> trying to connect to default port 9001.
> What can I do about this problem? Do you have any suggestions?
> Thanks in advance
> Aylin 
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