[Tinyos-help] SurgeController help

costa saintc at tin.it
Fri Sep 30 05:31:15 PDT 2005

Hello all,


I'd like to use a tool to set some simple parameter (ex. RF TX Power,
transmit rate) from a PC to a remote Micaz mote/s of a small wireless sensor
network running Surge_Reliable from Crossbow.


I've read of SurgeController, but I didn't find anything appropriate on the
TinyOS-archives (just messages from the TinyOS-Commits list and some
problems regarding broadcasting messages to motes).


Could somebody give me a pointer on how to use the SurgeController.java
under "contrib/xbow/tools/java/net/tinyos/surge/" (no Readme file in the
directory) or for other tools working with Surge_Reliable?


Thanks in advance for any help,



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